Photography Trainer app for iOS / Android
Customer Reviews:

* Extremely useful app, a must have for any photographer looking to improve their skills. Detailed information, useful and practical skills that are easy to understand.

* Best app ever! Thank you! I learned more in 30 mins than weeks of online reading :-)

* Perfect in all aspects. Better than most books I've purchased @ $20 and up, & better than all other photo apps I've purchased. 2 thumbs up!!

* Simply the best app for any persons wanting to take better photos quicker. The dev has done a A1 job on a quick and foolproof app for everyone to learn

* I can't say enough about this app! I love it! Whether you're a beginner or are no stranger to a camera, this app is worth every penny!

* Best App Ever. I'm an amateur photographer. I went in knowing the basics, but never had a full understanding of all I could do on my camera. After reading some of the tips and tutorials, I could already see an improvement in my pictures. I love this app! Best purchase yet. Hope to see some updates with some more tips!

* Great app!!! Explains techniques very clearly and has great examples. Would have paid more for this app!!!

* A Must Have APP! I am a fledgling pro photographer and have learned so much in the short time I've had this app. Easy to use and very educational.

* This is the best app I've ever paid for!! It does what it says and def can take your photos to the next level !

* I've had this app for a couple of months now and its so amazing! My pics come out a whole lot better! Thanks!

* Fantastic app. Stuffed full of useful information in a format that's easy to navigate and understand. Lots of information packed into each article but by no means a chore to read.

* Excellent. Learned more from this app than from some of the books I've bought.

* Great App!! What a great app.. So helpful in different situations.

*Great app for all skill levels! Great app to purchase whether you're just starting or you're still learning.

* Great tips. As a amateur photographer this is better than some books that can get over complicated. Worth every penny

* Brilliant! Excellent app. Well-written with a user-friendly layout, it clearly describes technicalities of taking excellent pictures with a dslr camera. The language used is simple but not patronizing & the tone is very encouraging. I have learnt a lot from it. Thank you developer!

* The Best App Ever! Fantastic app, like having a professional with you! When I lose my way (quite often!) trainer gets me back on track. Would be lost without it!! 100% recommend

* This app is perfect for new dlsr users. depending on the type of picture you want to take, the app provides tips for a great picture. very handy

* Good tutorial. I actually learned how to take awesome picts of the moon and city by night thanks to this guide. I would recommend it to everyone who is new to slr photography and wants to learn more about iso, shutter speed, aperture and such

* Very useful. Has helped me get the proper settings for great pics on my Canon DSLR. GREAT JOB!

* Love this app. Super educational. Explains things really well and really teaches you as you progress

* This is a superb app that is a constant source of reference information... thanks!

* Fantastic! Watch your pictures improve with the help of this app!